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E2E – a pioneering venture for new ways of construction

At Etex we believe lightweight solutions are the future of construction. We discovered a similar ambition to revolutionise our approach to building when working with our Chilean partner, Arauco. In the new joint venture, E2E we combine Arauco’s wood construction technology with our Etex know-how in fibre cement and plasterboard. Together we’ve set up a fully automated production line for high-quality panels, ready to be assembled into comfortable homes. It enables us to build a new high-quality affordable house in 48 hours.

Fully automated, 100% digital

E2E is the construction company of the future: agile, lean, fully integrated, 100% digital. We’re using BIM – building information modelling to better meet our customers’ expectations: architects, real estate developers and building companies. Through BIM we produce all aspects of a building, tailored to our customer’s specifications. After that, it’s a simple process of providing input into the machines: the lumber processer produces the wood elements needed for the panels, which are assembled automatically.

We join elements made of plasterboard, fibre cement boards and oriented strand boards (OSB). These different building technologies in combination lead to superior performance over normal jobsite panels. An integrated assembly process means that all internal elements of the wall panels are built-in – wires, insulation, piping and so on – leading to rapid installation with a crane in a matter of hours.

The new E2E panels provided great solutions for acoustics, weather and fire resistance and insulation. They are also affordable and easy to install. Ideal for Chile’s high needs for inexpensive quality housing.

As our joint digital ambassador, E2E will be run like a start-up and interact with stakeholders using the latest digital tools.

Eduardo Martinez, Latin America Business Development Manager

From plan to affordable quality home in 48 hours

All the closed panels for a house are produced in a day, and the house can be fully assembled within 6 to 8 hours with very little waste.

Felipe Montes, General Manager of E2E

In 2019 E2E was still mainly involved in prototyping. Now the company is breaking ground supplying materials for a house covering 250m².  Our first production line is capable of building 500 houses in a year, which represents 1% of the total residential market in Chile. Moreover, E2E is set to provide solutions for social housing projects soon.

E2E’s medium-term planning is to keep up with demand by doubling the size of the current plant and then setting up a few more factories in Chile. The projection is set to expand into other countries in Latin America followed by Europe, Africa and Asia.