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Falcon takes flight

In 2016, when the business in North America was struggling, Etex colleagues knew they needed to revolutionise their approach – towards customers and towards its people. Falcon project was born with laser agility and focus: to take the company from a not so-well organised start-up into an efficient, quick-thinking flexible organisation with a clear focus on direction. Moreover, the company wanted to recognise the spirit of engagement and dedication of its people.

Taking laser agility and focus

As a start-up, colleagues were used to everybody doing everything. Everyone wore too many hats which led to ambiguity and lack of common ground on what was expected. Project Falcon was just what the Etex team needed – it introduced clear processes and roles and responsibilities for everyone. It also meant the creation of a new supply chain department and a robust contract review policy. The new approach has meant the team can now go through each order systematically, ensuring they can get back to customer enquiries, solve issues, plan better and ensure the company achieves its targets with the right solutions for the right customers.

The project also meant an internal shift where the team honed-on its customer base with a clear set of priorities for harnessing new business opportunities. Etex Industry North America hosts other Etex teams including colleagues from Equitone and from the Global Tunnel team within Etex Building Performance.

We needed a clear definition of who we were, our roles within Etex, our values, how to approach customers to drive growth. We needed laser agility and focus.

Tory Kinson, Region Director, Etex Industry North America

Fostering employee engagement

As we brought new colleagues on board, we connected Etex’s core values with our talent management strategy to take engagement to new heights.

Patricia Harding, HR Manager, Etex Industry North America

The Falcon Project also meant creating a culture that recognises and embraces the dedication of colleagues and their effort to go the extra mile. Every employee can nominate a co-worker, highlighting anyone who goes beyond their normal duties.

Open communication was also a core element of the Falcon team’s engagement strategy. The team also makes sure that managers walk through the plant every single day, meeting with technical workers and, keeping an eye out for safety issues. The team strives to ensure all colleagues informed, connected and in the loop.

The positive effects of Falcon are already clearly visible: a solid customer base, even more engaged employees and hosting activities for other Etex operations in the US. Today the company has employee engagement scores well above the sector’s benchmarks and has received the ‘Best Place to Work’ award in Tennessee.