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2018 key events across divisions

January 2018


Launched at the Klimahouse fair (Italy), Solidtex is a breakthrough product conceptualised and created by one of the three Etex R&D Centres. Thanks to High Density Crystallisation technology, a revolutionary plasterboard that combines the highest performance of mechanical resistance, sound insulation, fire resistance and humidity has been developed.

February 2018


Etex launches the new Tecta slate on the market. Its surface is protected against damage and discoloration. As a result, the slates can withstand the most extreme weather conditions: from blistering sun to harsh winter weather, from heavy rainfall to hailstorms. Even dirt, dust, scratches and graffiti leave no trace, as the slates maintain their form, uniform colour and authentic look under all circumstances.

April 2018

Per-Olof Algotsson

Per-Olof Algotsson joins the Executive Committee of Etex as the new Head of Etex Building Performance.

Investment in production line in Neubeckum

In response to the increasing global demand for Equitone Tectiva façade materials, Etex decides to invest in a full production line in the factory of Neubeckum in Germany. EUR 50 million are invested in the operation and additional jobs will be created. The start-up of the new line is planned for 2020.

June 2018

‘Me & Etex’ employee engagement survey

Launch of the ‘Me & Etex’ employee engagement survey. 69% of the Etex colleagues worldwide take part in the survey, a very encouraging participation rate and great learnings to build on.

Etex Innovation Days

Some 90 customers (installers, specifiers and contractors) from nine different countries participate to the Etex Innovation Days in Avignon, France.

August 2018

New headquarters

Etex moves into its new headquarters at Zaventem airport, on the outskirts of Brussels, Belgium. The offices are designed to foster collaboration, inspire new ways of working and highlight the Etex corporate identity.

September 2018


Etex receives an order for one of its biggest projects to date: the fire protection of the Gaasperdammertunnel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a five-tube tunnel which has to be expanded by three km. A total of 307,000 m2 of Promat boards are ordered.

One Etex

Launch of the One Etex movement, which aims to enhance our performance and help us to focus even more on our customers. It is a co-creative process that involves active contribution from experts and leaders from every corner of the company.

October 2018

Cerro Dominador

Etex closes an agreement to design and supply the insulation products for the receiver of the solar tower in the Atacama Desert, in Chile. The Cerro Dominador, equipped with Promat and Microtherm solutions, will be the first combined thermosolar and photovoltaic energy project in Latin America, with a total of 210MW of installed capacity.

November 2018

Joëlle Boxus

Joëlle Boxus joins the Executive Committee of Etex as new Chief Human Resources Officer.

December 2018

14 years without lost-time accidents

On 28 December, our plant in Araripina, Brazil, reaches a record-breaking 14 years without lost-time accidents. Seizing this great moment, the local team sets up an “Internal Week of Accident Prevention at Work" to reinforce their learnings on safety.


In Chile, the machines assembly in the E2E facility is completed, with contracts for buildings and social housing projects already in the pipeline. E2E is a joint venture between Etex and Arauco pioneering in new ways of construction.

January 2019

Two new divisions

Etex’s two new divisions, Etex Residential Roofing (clay, concrete tiles and components for residential applications in Europe and South Africa) and Etex Exteriors (all fibre cement activities for architectural, residential and agricultural segments), become operational.