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Sales excellence at the forefront

“There are two main reasons why we set up our sales excellence project,” explains Tom De Baenst, Country Manager Benelux. “First, we wanted to tap into the know-how and best practices of our sales people across Europe. “And next,” affirms Account Manager Equitone Bart Sterckx, “we set out to align and streamline our sales processes for happy customers and profitable growth worldwide.”

Inspired by Etex colleagues

In 2015 a multinational Etex taskforce developed a new sales process for Equitone in Germany, France, Belgium and the UK. Then came the breakthrough idea: to exchange ideas with the best sales people from across the world and developed a set of best practices – playbooks – that can be used throughout Etex. This was the beginning of a truly collaborative effort, bringing together colleagues from across the board to develop four different sets of playbooks: for sales managers, sales representatives, and Etex brands Cedral and Equitone.

The playbooks now give Etex people on the frontline of sales a common approach – a unified strategy. The effects have been revolutionary – collaboration has led to better engagement, a cross-fertilisation in experience and stronger links across global regions. Moreover, the customer is at the heart of the journey as they reap the rewards of joined-up thinking, efficiency and streamlined processes.

We had a big idea: to develop a unified set of sales best practices that can be used all over the world.

Wim Beck, Sales Manager of Equitone Belux

Playbooks with home-grown sales know-how

In order to retain market leadership, we have to actively continue being the best. This means crossing boundaries to pursue our ‘Passion for Excellence’.

Franziska Maisberger, Head of Sales Cedral South, Germany

The guidelines are potent tools for inspiration and driving growth. They capture Etex field experience from sales people on the frontline. The team recognised that a coherent set of tools and processes are crucial for stronger relationships with key partners such as architects. Continuous customer feedback and input have been firmly embedded in sales excellence – meaning today Etex is more than ever ready to be the go-to solutions provider for customers.